Week 6, 2020

Posted on Feb 9, 2020

It is a milestone for me to build my site with English, which inspires me to improve my level at this language. Ever after now, I write articles in English, twitte in English and read original professional articles (what I have done, in fact).

This week, I

  • sloved 7 algorithm questions in leetcode, 81 questions totally this phase.
  • translated 2 articles, one for distributed systems, one for experience of learning english.
  • released my first public application for Douban FM, which only had 2 downloads till now.
    • it was a tough work to build Windows app on macOS, a electron-builder docker image helps me a lot.
  • totally modified my blog’s theme, made it seem like an english blog.
  • discussed with other developers at Hacker News or other sites.
  • migrated from Chrome to Edge with chromium kernel.

I am thinking about whether translating my posts before into english or not. The faith of writing brilliant articles was insisted in my heart but, more articles and publications should be absorbed.

Back to english learning, I tried watching Youtube videos without subtitles, reading news on CNN, BBC and Reuters without translator. Though tough but full fill with achivement. Now I am wondering about some other way to enhance the english level, I would appreciate it if comment yours below.