Week 8, 2020

Posted on Feb 23, 2020

Approached to 100 solutions in this phase, I feel a bit bored with the leetcode problems. As what I want to handle with is the project something like infrastructure, platform…With the ending up the development of service for a Android application, a conclusion was drawed: I hate monotonous crud bussiness. It is always a good symbol to find ones ambiton like what the motto in the homepage goes:

Adhere to the technological belief, be pragmatic, self-motivated, take responsibility to the end and fulfill others.

But I what in my way are the tasks easy but complex, which made me suffer.

Regularly, I would have been at scholl after winter vacation. Owing to the COVID-19, people stay at home in case of being infected. So I must stay at home for months staring at screen and, coding…I hate the GFW, honestly speaking.