Week 9, 2020

Posted on Mar 1, 2020

I’m thinking about pausing the daily algorithms but starting the weekly contest…just thinking.

I sware it is my last time to shut down my process on android development, spending time on meaningful aspects is my future task.

It was my first practice on TDD and got a lot of improvement in programming skills. This can help me write robust code and prevent myself from waterfall-like midification. Later days from now, though dislike but must write some front-end code to complete my task distributed by my company.

I wathched 4 of Bourne Franchise, but felt not such attrictive. Maybe I don’t have a taste on movies.

The lab MapReduce of distributed systems costs a lot, I don’t have enough time on it.

Reading articles subscribed on Feedly and Inoreader comes to become a habit.